The Premier League's financial rules have shook the world of football over the past week as the first hefty points deduction was handed out in the modern era of top flight English football. Everton were the recipients of such a punishment after an independent panel found them in breach of Profit and Sustainability regulations.

A loss totalling roughly £20million over the allowed £105million adjusted measure for any given three-year period was adjudged to be the extent of the breach. The Toffees were slapped with an immediate ten-point deduction, which is now subject to an appeal by the club, who stated they were "shocked" by the outcome.

An interesting point towards the end of the club statement appeared to suggest they will be watching closely as to how other teams are dealt with. One of those could be Manchester City, with the seven-time Premier League champions also sent to an independent commission, but with 115 alleged breaches.

Comparing that to the one breach for Everton - which the commission claim gave them a four-year sporting advantage - if the verdict is a guilty one then it could be a seismic punishment. Then there's the case of Chelsea, who have not been charged or investigated for anything at this stage.

However, there have been recent allegations put towards former owner Roman Abramovich that claim the club had used payments off the books to be less than transparent with their finances. It remains to be seen the outcome of this, if there is one, but here's a look at the worst-case scenario if it gets as far as allegations being proven.

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Title stripped

One big concern may well be whether the club will have historic title wins stripped away from them during the period these allegations took place. In the worst-case scenario, this would be the case and could have tainted an otherwise fond look back through history.

However, as seen in the case with Manchester City, it seems unlikely that would be the outcome though, with The Independent's Miguel Delaney previously posting: "Figures involved don't seem to think any prospective punishments would be retrospective or 'looking backwards' (ie stripping titles) but this is all described as 'unprecedented.'"

Relegation fears

Given the ten points deducted from Everton, anything larger than that may prompt understandable fears regarding possible relegation. Last season, a ten-point deduction for Chelsea would only keep them up in the Premier League on goal difference, showing the reality of such a blow.

Whether that would be the case this season or in any future seasons remains to be seen, but relegation could have a devastating effect on the board's plans for taking the club forwards as well as the financial burden it would cause.

Transfer fire sale

If the worst did come to fruition and there was a relegation that followed, there would likely be a fire sale to help adjust to the losses of the Championship, or even worse potentially below there. The second tier earn far less from TV rights and with most contracts less likely to have a relegation wage drop in them, the need to move players on would be clear.

Of course, it's important to say that Chelsea have not been found to have broken any FFP rules and it remains to be seen if the club face charges at a later date. Many Blues supporters will be hoping that is not the case.

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